Make A Point

Make a point to fight breast cancer.

Make a point to fight breast cancer.

In 2013, Australian underwear brand, Bonds, launched their new bra range by changing their iconic logo from BONDS to BOOBS. They’ve been famous for boobs ever since. So to show their support and raise much needed funds during Breast Cancer Awareness month, they partnered with the Jane McGrath Breast Care Foundation. But with so many charities vying for people’s attention, we couldn’t expect people to come to us to donate. So, ‘Make a Point’ was born - a first of its kind mechanic that allowed people to donate wherever they were on the web.



Research showed that the simpler it was for a person to make a donation, the more likely they were to do it. Housed in standard banner spaces, we created a HTML5 widget that enabled real time donations. Embeddable anywhere, the simple mechanic turned regular advertising space into secure donation hubs where you could donate boobs, for boobs - making donating easier than ever before.